We believe in building solid reliable connectivity solutions. 

From day one, Rocking Connect has tried to build connectivity solutions that deliver what's promised as a minimum. 

We always plan our links to be able to over deliver on any promises we've given. If we can't build an excellent link, we won't build any link. 

We aim to have fewer customers and deliver a better service, rather than more customers with a mediocre service. 



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Below are our pricing options. Everyone always asks for prices so here they are. These prices are for bandwidth, only. For most locations in the Southern Peninsula we build our own last mile, so there are no last mile fees. However, if we need to lease a last mile link, then we’ll have to add that cost on top of the bandwidth cost.


  • 1 Static IP

  • 1:4 Contention Ratio

  • Month-to-month

  • R2500 Install

80 Mbps

  • 4 Static IP’s

  • 1:4 Contention Ratio

  • Month-to-month

  • R2500 Install


  • 2 Static IP’s

  • 1:4 Contention Ratio

  • Month-to-month

  • R2500 Install


  • 5 Static IP’s

  • 1:4 Contention Ratio

  • Month-to-month

  • R2500 Install

60 Mbps

  • 3 Static IP’s

  • 1:4 Contention Ratio

  • Month-to-month

  • R2500 Install

100Mbps +

  • Multiple IP addresses or IP ranges

  • Speeds up to 1Gbps

  • 1:1 Contention Ratio

  • 12 month contract




No two jobs are ever the same. Each site is unique and each client’s requirement is unique. So here we thought we'd highlight some of the work we've done, and solutions we've built for clients. This is an ever evolving and changing section of our website, so make sure that you check back here often. 

If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.
— Henry Ford

60 GHZ Solutions

We had the requirement to build a link between two buildings for a client. Separated by a property between them, a Fibre run with the associated trenching costs wouldn't suit the client’s budget.

Using 60Ghz links, we were able to place a 1Gbps link between the two buildings. By not using antenna's in the 5ghz spectrum, we were able to deliver a reliable high speed link free from congestion in an already noisy environment.


Link Relays

How do you bend a link around a building when you don't have line of sight? You build a link relay. 

To reach the opposite side of a school, we couldn't go over or through the buildings. So we build a link relay, essentially in a triangular shape to bounce the link to where we needed it. 


Let's get really high

We built a link for a client in the midst of a lot of tall trees. We had to get as high as 12m to get clearance over the trees. We attached a pole to the top of a tree to get high enough. 

Securely anchored with guy-wires, we're able to comfortably deliver over 50Mbps. 


Stunning Sunsets

Sometimes when you're working late at night, you're treated to amazing sunsets. 

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